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As of December 22, 2014, a new Complaint Procedure and Form has been posted to the website.  Please view and download below.



On June 4th, 2012, the Town Council in the Town of New Shoreham adopted an amendment to New Shoreham's Revised Ordinances in Chapter 10, Section 10-9 entitled Open Containers of Alcoholic Beverages.

 Section 10-9 reads as follows:

    a. It shall be unlawful to possess, carry or by any means convey in public
          opened containers of any description which contain alcoholic beverages
          in and on all public wharves, streets, sidewalks, highways, beaches, 
          public conveyances or other public place whatsoever in the town except
          where legally licensed for sale and/or distribution of such beverage.

     b.  In addition to the restrictions set forth in paragraph ‘a' pertaining to 
           opened containers of any description which contain alcoholic beverages,
           it shall be unlawful to possess, carry or by any means convey in closed 
           containers of any description alcoholic beverages on all public beaches 
           in the town.

What this means is that the New Shoreham Police Department (Block Island) is working together with the Rhode Island State Police and the police departments in the neighboring communities of Narragansett and South Kingstown to strictly enforce state laws and local ordinances, especially regarding the possession of alcohol and its consumption in public places.


  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages on any State or Town beach is STRICTLY prohibited.
  • OPEN or CLOSED containers of alcoholic beverages are PROHIBITED on beaches, streets, docks etc. A violation will result in the seizure of the alcohol.
  • Violators will be subject to a $75.00 fine and arrest.


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