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Basketball CourtRecreational activities are extremely important for all elements of society.  Development of confidence, social skills, and cooperation among participants are some of the benefits derived from involvement with recreation opportunities.  In a changing, highly technical and stressful society, recreational activities assist in the relief of stress and the promotion of health.

PlaygroundThe primary responsibility for providing recreational programs and facilities lies with the Recreation Department.  The New Shoreham Recreation Department has evolved since its full time establishment in 1996.  Over the past decade it has created a foundation to serve this community.

Beach TentThe department has been established full time since 1996 to provide programs, services and facilities for our community.  It is responsible for all recreational functions, facilities, activities, assets and resources within the town not under the school department.  We offer programs and activities on an annual basis for all ages.

The department strives to be self sufficient through fees, grants, and donations.  Roughly 80% of our budget is funded through these means.  The remainder of the budget is funded through taxes. 

Mission Statement 
The Town of New Shoreham Recreation Department is dedicated to the provisions of leisure and active recreation programming that will promote the general health, welfare and personal development of the citizens of the Block Island Community by providing enriching recreation experiences and quality facilities.

Rhode Island Recreation and Parks Association
New England Park Association
American Alliance of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance

What's New?:      9/7/2014: Fall and Winter Program Schedule!
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         2015 Fall/Winter Program Registration
         2015 Fall/Winter Program Guide (rev. 10/7/2015)
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Facilities Use Application Package

Fred Benson Town Beach Information

Triathlon Registration Info

Triathlon Map and Transition Map

Triathlon Race Instructions

Shad Bloom Trail Run Map

Pitch Hit and Run Registration

Aspire Basketball

Champion Baseball

Mini Kickers

Camp Mohegan

Riker Lacrosse Clinic

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2015 Spring/Summer Program Guide

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2015 Softwall Packet

Summer Soccer League Schedule

Summer Basketball League Schedule

Summer 4v4 Volleyball Schedule

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2015 Fall/Winter Program Registration

2015 Recreation Center Registration & Schedule

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