Block Island Power Company Stock Purchase - 10/04/16

  Special Financial Town Meeting Warrant (Sep 26th)
BIPCo Stock Purchase Agreement

  BIPCo Engineering Report  (SGC Engineering) 
  Range of Likely Sales Prices - BIPCo  (Tilson)
  Synergies and Benefits of Owning BIPCo  (Tilson)
  Municipal Broadband Benefits Summary  (Tilson)
  BIPCo Environmental Assessment - Executive Summary  (SAGE Environmental)
  BIPCo Environmental Assessment - Final Report  (SAGE Environmental)
  BIPCo Environmental Assessment Addendum  (SAGE Environmental)
  BIPCo Groundwater Summary Sampling Report  (SAGE Environmental)
  Legal Opinion on Environmental Impact  (Partridge Snow & Hahn)

  A Proforma
  FERC Filings
       FERC Filing 2012
       FERC Filing 2013
       FERC Filing 2014
       FERC Filing 2015
Audited Financial Statements
       BIPCo Financials 2012-2013
       BIPCo Financials 2014-2015

  Once In A Generation Opportunity, BI Times August 6, 2016
  Pocketbook Issues for Taxpayers and Ratepayers, BI Times August 13, 2016
  FAQs Regarding BIPCo Purchase, BI Times August 19, 2016
Informational Meeting Notice for Sep 4, 2016
  Buying BIPCo - Frequently Asked Questions of the EUTG August 2016
  Answers to Questions Submitted by Kevin Hoyt
  BIPCo Valuation and Cost Savings








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