New Option for Tax Bill Payments - 10/01/19


The Town of New Shoreham will be accepting ACH payments for real estate and motor vehicle taxes for the 2019 tax roll.  The 1st Quarter of the 2019 Tax Roll must be paid in full to participate at this time.  You may send your ACH form in at any time if you know your account number.  If you are interested in paying by ACH, please fill out the attached authorization form completely and return to the Tax Collector with a cancelled check.  Forms for authorization are available below, on the Tax Collections page of this site, and in the Finance Department at Town Hall.  For 11/15/2019 payments, forms must be received by 11/8/2019.

         ACH Payment Information
         ACH Payment Authorization

Mary K. Aubut
Tax Collector
Town of New Shoreham
Block Island, RI 02807

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