The Tax Assessors Office functions under the laws of Rhode Island, Ordinances established by the New Shoreham Town Council and decisions of the Board of Assessors.

According to RI General Law, all property subject to taxation shall be assessed at its Fair Market Value as of each December 31st.

Real Estate is subject to review and adjustment during the calendar year when substantial construction or demolition has occurred. Assessments may also increase or decrease when sales of similar properties indicate an inequity in a property class. The last property revaluation was completed for 12/31/2018.  Real Estate assessment values for the Town of New Shoreham are hosted on the Vision Appraisal web site.

Motor vehicles are assessed at the book value which is researched and determined by the Rhode Island Vechicle Value Commission. Values are pro-rated based upon the number of days during the previous calendar year that the vehicle had an active Rhode Island registration. If a registration is not cancelled and plates returned to the Division of Motor Vehicles, then a vehicle is subject to taxation until the registration expires.Motor vehicles older than fifteen (15) years are no longer taxed.

Businesses must declare the value of their furniture, fixtures and equipment (known as tangible property) on an annual basis between December 31st and January 31st.

Tax rates adopted for July 1, 2019 are as follows:


Rate per $1,000 Assessed Value

Real Estate$ 6.16
Tangible Property$ 6.16
Motor Vehicle Excise$ 9.75

To file an appeal of your tax assessment to the Board of Assessors, use the Application for Abatement of Property Tax form.

Application for Senior Exemption

Veterans Exemption Ordinance & Requirements

2020 Real Property by Plat/Lot

Personal Property Tax Return for 12/31/2019

Appeal to Board of Assessors

Appeal to Board of Assessment Review

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